Mission Statement

Yeah, we might call it something else, but NoPoCo needs a mission statement or the equivalent. Right away. Before even the MU is set up.

NoPoCo’s Mission: to make available to relations, friends, and their various groups/clubs/organizations an appropriate subset of WordPress goodies that is safe, easy to use, and useful in their endeavors.

I am moving my personal web activities to a WPMU structure to take advantage of the rich set of tools and capabilities that WordPress [WP] has gained over the years. Since I use different web sites for different aspects of my life, WP’s MultiUser [MU] capability is of great value to me in reducing the backroom chores of website maintenance (handling upgrades, backups, etc). Since the WPMU umbrella can easily support a couple of hundred websites in addition to the couple that I need for myself, I can be generous and make available to friends and relations the tools and capabilities I am using for my stuff.


Author: wills

I was born at a very early age. I am somewhat older than that now.