Hello world!

NoPoCo came into existence at noon, Pacific Standard Time, on 31 December, 2007. It became a WordPress site on 21 May, 2016. A bit more detail is available on the About page.


The Stewards of Portland

Mission Statement

Yeah, we might call it something else, but NoPoCo needs a mission statement or the equivalent. Right away. Before even the MU is set up.

NoPoCo’s Mission: to make available to relations, friends, and their various groups/clubs/organizations an appropriate subset of WordPress goodies that is safe, easy to use, and useful in their endeavors.

I am moving my personal web activities to a WPMU structure to take advantage of the rich set of tools and capabilities that WordPress [WP] has gained over the years. Since I use different web sites for different aspects of my life, WP’s MultiUser [MU] capability is of great value to me in reducing the backroom chores of website maintenance (handling upgrades, backups, etc). Since the WPMU umbrella can easily support a couple of hundred websites in addition to the couple that I need for myself, I can be generous and make available to friends and relations the tools and capabilities I am using for my stuff.


Developing NoPoCo


NoPoCo is the multi-site (or “multi-user”, MU) base for a network of WordPress (WP) sites that are either the product of the Stewards of Portland or are products of groups or individuals the Stewards support.

None of these NoPoCo sites are commercial. Some are related to church (Eastrose Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship) or neopagan spirituality (Lyceum Of Trees). Several have to do with the Stewards’ personal interests.

Technical Raison D’Etre

Using a WPMU simplifies the backroom of considerably. Rather than maintaining several instances of a couple of different wiki engines, there is now just one instance of the WP engine to manage. As nopoco is a one man operation, this frees much more time for developing content.

Another advantage is that WP is now the most popular CMS in the world, powering more than 75 million websites, which is about 25% of all websites, and serving up content in more than 2.5 billion page views each month. One of the benefits of joining this crowd is an assurance that the producers of WP will be doing everything in their power to provide an environment free of goofs and malicious activities; that updates and upgrades will be well-tested and rolled out in good time. Perhaps because of my experience in dealing with websites that had to have strong security, I am more conscious of, and appreciative of, this kind of effort.

Another advantage of WP is that it is FOSS: Free Open Source Software. It is free to use, its raw code is available to anyone, and its license allows anyone to take that raw code and modify it however they wish– so long as they accept the FOSS licensing terms. Combined with the huge installed base, this means that a great number of very bright developers are constantly improving and extending WP’s capabilities.

Implementation Details

The following comments document and discuss the decisions made in bringing NoPoCo to life, and its continued management.