JetPack setup

JetPack Installation

Installed JetPack on 24 May, 2016 at around 0700, and spent the next 4 hours activating some parts, deactivating others, and configuring the parts that are active.

I am assuming that the daughter sites can activate parts of the JetPack that the mothership is not using. If this is wrong, then I will activate just about everything but I’m hoping I can keep maintenance of the mothership more simple than that.

Activated Parts

  1. Contact Form– Going to want this as the primary means for strangers to contact me in the role of web master.
  2. JSON API– this is active by default. It allows other websites to use JSON to read stuff on my site. I think it is probably okay.
  3. Manage– Activating this as it looks like it may make updating stuff easier, and might offer some other benefits.
  4. Markdown– From the description, this allows a wikitext-like markdown language to be used. Definitely worth my while to check it out.
  5. Monitor– Will send me an email whenever the website goes down.
  6. Notifications– Is on by default. Not sure quite what it notifies me about, or whether I will be alerted when there is a notification.
  7. Omnisearch– also on by default. Searches entire site.
  8. Shortcode Embeds– on by default. Worthwhile, but maybe won’t be used on the mothership. Embeds media from other sites (Youtube, etc)
  9. Single Sign On– allows users to use credentials to sign on to the site. Default is active.
  10. Site Stats– Recommended by a web designer. Provides usage stats.
  11. Site Verification– I don’t understand how to configure this one. It is on by default and I assume an appropriate configuration has been used. I’ll leave it on.
  12. Site Maps– on by default.
  13. Spelling and Grammar– on by default.
  14. Subscriptions– on by default.
  15. Short Links– on by default, looks useful. Provides a mechanism for automagically creating shortened URLs for off-site use (on Twitter, etc)
  16. Widget Visibility– on by default.

Inactive Parts

  1. Beautiful Math– this would never be needed.
  2. Carousel– I will want this on some of the sites, but not on the mothership. (image manager)
  3. Comments– Needed on some of the sites. And comments are probably needed on the mothership although I have them turned off at the moment. But I don’t know what this plugin offers that is beyond what is basically available so it is turned off until I get around to researching it.
  4. Custom CSS– I gave this one a try, then turned it off. It looks like a slick product, but it duplicates a core piece of the child theme mechanism and the duplication could be the cause of some real maintenance headaches down the line. I would advise anyone who is doing child themes to turn this off.
  5. Custom Content Types: In addition to the standard Posts and Pages, this adds Portfolio Projects and Testimonials. Perhaps the Portfolio might be useful in the future, but I cannot think of a use for Testimonials. Neither are needed now.
  6. Enhanced Distribution– not sure I’ll ever need this, since most of what the network is about is not intended for a mass market.
  7. Gravatar Hovercards– These display contact data, etc, from Gravatar on persons when hovering on their avatars. A web designer advises to turn this off as the results are a distraction.
  8. Infinite Scroll– is not supported by the twentysixteen theme. No clue as to what it is supposed to do.
  9. Likes– Maybe on other sites, but not on the mothership
  10. Mobile Theme– On the advice of a web designer, I’ll not use this. If I choose responsive themes, this will only replace a tailored presentation with a generic approach that is not likely to be as good.
  11. Photon– caches images on WP data centers, removing the load from my server and bandwidth. I will use it, but I don’t need it yet.
  12. Post by Email– Will activate later. I am postponing doing the setup, which looks like it could be tricky, involving a dedicated mailbox, etc
  13. Protect– This is a whitelist feature. It was on by default but I want to know more about shared ISPs, etc, before using WP’s white and black lists
  14. Publicise– Maybe later.
  15. Related Posts– Maybe later.
  16. Sharing– Maybe later.
  17. Tiled Galleries– Maybe later.
  18. Video Press– Maybe later.
  19. Vault Press– is a commercial backup service. But I believe that Bluehost’s included backup service will work just fine.



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