An Overview of the NoPoCo Network

NoPoCo is a network of WordPress websites, some of which have content that are closely related while others are completely unrelated to any other NoPoCo website. But each one is run from the same installation of WordPress with selected themes and plugins, and is using the same installation of MySQL.


 As shown in the diagram, there are several websites dealing with different aspects of using the resources, but these are all rather self-referential. They provide documentation, instructions for clients and users, a template used to jump start a new client website, and a demo site that potential clients can visit to judge whether NoPoCo would be a good fit for their needs. There is also a simple blog where clients and users can talk about subjects related to the NoPoCo community.

The lower two levels of websites deliver real world content. Since NoPoCo could purchase more bandwidth and hardware resources when and if the need arises, the number of potential websites in this network is limited only by the costs of the hosting service.

The distinction between my personal websites and websites with other content is arbitrary and merely reflects my own point of view. It is likely that I will activate features on my websites before I make those features available to other client websites; I am more willing to experiment with my stuff than I am to risk other persons’ work. Other than that, there is no difference in the potentials of all of these websites. There may however be a large variety in the way potentials are activated and used.

The (aka,, and these all point to the same place) is the root website. This contains the WordPress executables, themes, and plugins. It has no content as such. There are very few pages and posts, and those are primarily for testing features that may be provided to the content websites. Aside from the Super Admins (network administrators), the only “users” on are the virtual “persons”: Ida Wanna and Darth Voldermort. These two may show up on other websites when it might be helpful to use a fiction to test some feature.

 The website holds the documentation of the network. This includes brief descriptions of themes, plugins, and other features that clients can activate on their websites, with links to further documentation. A log of newly installed features, upgrades, backups, and other network-wide events is kept here. Most of this site will be read-only to everyone but administrators.

The website provides some instruction on the use of nopoco features, including links to further discussions of a “how to” nature. It also holds FAQ pages, and discussion forums about how to make things work. There are sections for both the clients who have set up and administer their own websites and for the users of those websites. Aside from the forums, most of this site will be read-only to everyone except administrators.

The website is an empty client website that will be cloned to make a new website for each new client. It is read-only to everyone but super admins, and portions may be entirely closed.

The website is an open house that prospective clients can look at as they determine whether NoPoCo will meet their needs. It is read-only.

The is a place for discussions of all sorts. Everyone involved with NoPoCo has a common interest in the way NoPoCo functions, and can ask their questions and voice their opinions here. But also everyone in NoPoCo is likely to have other common interests, such as perhaps concerns over Pacific Northwest ecosystems, Portland area microbreweries, what the McMenamin brothers are up to now, and so on. These are also reasonable topics for the community.

The rest of the websites are determined by their individual contents and the audiences they serve. I intend to provide their admins with as broad a selection of tools and features as are available and trustworthy. While I expect each website to start life from the same clone, I also expect each one to rapidly go its own way.