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NoPoCo came into existence at noon, Pacific Standard Time, on 31 December, 2007. This post honors the completion of NoPoCo's first decade.

Originally designed as an instrument to provide a website presence for non-profits and clubs in North Portland, Oregon, NoPoCo's service area has expanded to include the "Portcouver" region: Portland OR and Vancouver WA and everything roughly within a one hour drive of those neighboring cities. The focus continues to be providing certain Internet services to non-profits and groups who otherwise would have to do without. But as Wordpress and FaceBook have grown, most groups can now run their own basic website. NoPoCo's continued role is evolving into providing more advanced web features available to the communities we serve, such as collaborative platforms for webpage developers, newsletter management, and so forth.

Our name comes from North Portland Communities. While our area of operations has expanded well beyond North Portland, we continue with that name partly to honor our roots and partly because it is both unique and memorable.

North Portland is a roughly thumb-shaped portion of Portland, Oregon. Its eastern boundary is N Williams Avenue and imaginary lines that extend that avenue northward to the Columbia River at about a mile west of PDX airport, and southward to the Willamette River at the Steel Bridge. The Columbia and Willamette Rivers form the other two boundaries. All the rest of Portland is divided into NorthEast, SouthEast, SouthWest, and NorthWest quadrants: North Portland is therefore known as Portland's fifth quadrant.

NoPoCo is an umbrella that provides several Portland groups and individuals with an internet presence that they would otherwise find difficult to maintain.

Email questions and concerns to the NoPoCo Webmaster.